An Institute of Laser
Hair Removal and Laser Therapy


Tired of that unwanted hair? Canít stand those unruly patches? Now you can stop endless hours of shaving with our safe and affordable laser hair removal services.

Our staff at An Institute of Laser Hair Removal and Laser Therapy is professionally trained at the art of laser hair removal. We have helped many satisfied clients over the years with unwanted hair. We have the experience and expertise to give a smooth and easy procedure that will give you results just as you want them. Our institute offers some of the best laser hair treatment in Pembroke Pines, with top quality laser hair removal and laser therapy.

Here at An Institute of Laser Hair Removal and Laser Therapy in Pembroke Pines offers not only laser hair removal services but also spider vein treatment, microlaser peels, facial rejuvenation, and acne clearing.

Laser hair removal and laser therapy give permanent results, a factor that is dependent on the pigmentation and skin type of the patient. Individuals all have different skin, which makes for a wide variety of skin problems that have to be dealt with. Our staff is able to analyze the different types, and give you the proper means for proper treatment and the best results.

The cost of laser hair treatment varies, from the size of the area being treated to the hair and skin type of the individual. Our institute here in Pembroke Pines gives great services at an affordable and competitive low price. Please give us a call for a free consultation on how we can help you become hair free!